I wrote my first story at about age six. It was written in red ink, and in Hindi, and it was a suspicious blend of Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, and a few others. But it got such enthusiastic applause from my parents and grandparents that I thought, "Huh! I must never stop writing because these people clearly need my stories." At age nine, I wrote my first "novel." I remember telling my granddad (who already had several books of poetry and essays behind him) that I should find something more challenging to do. I could tell he was trying  hard not to laugh but I wasn't sure (and maybe even slightly offended) that he thought my words were funny. 

It's been a few decades since that conversation. I miss my granddad every day. Now in adulthood, my stories and essays have appeared in Contrary, Phoebe Magazine, Gulf Stream, The Toast, SN Review, and others. 


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