cu.ri.os.i.ty ~ a desire to know or learn

I have graduate degrees in both History and Creative Writing, and I have taught a variety of classes and workshops in the US, India, Italy, and Mexico. I have taught at universities, writing conferences (my favorite being the Centrum-Port Townsend Writers Conference held every July in Port Townsend, WA), and in high schools, colleges, private homes, libraries, art galleries, and bookstores. My students have come from all ages, writing abilities, and backgrounds. 

I can provide individually-tailored sessions based on what you need, whether you wish to generate new writing or revise a piece that has you stumped or experiment with different forms and techniques. I have over 15 years of experience as an editor and close to 10 years of helping people write fiction and nonfiction. For rates and other details, drop me a line at 

  • Sayantani Dasgupta is the teacher you hope for when you sign up for a workshop. She is thoughtful and wry, judicious with her comments, and dependably fair and encouraging. She believes what we have to say to each other matters, and honors the many ways our stories can be told. Sayantani gives brilliant prompts that open up the writing, and she listens---deeply. What more could you ask for? ~ Kathryn Hunt
  • Sayantani had me asking questions of myself I didn't want to find but needed to. Her questions helped me develop as a student and as a person, but what I am most thankful for is the way she made me fall in love with writing, and exposed me to authors, styles, and schools of thought that were completely unbeknownst to me. ~ Chance Cooney
  • By bringing a particular sense of awareness, Sayantani helps her students make empathetic insights across cultures. Her courses reach back to the primal needs of humanity: mythology, culture, safety, and turns them into grist for the creative mill from which new works spring. ~ Christopher Clow